Friday, October 11, 2013



There are multiple frustrations that come into play
 Due to the fact that I’m being visually impaired
It took a while but the biggest thing I’ve learned
Is that no matter what there’s no need to be scared

Whatever is going to happen no matter what I do
I know that the Lord is always watching over me
So what if I put some of my clothes on backwards
It just takes more time to do all that needs to be

The same things happen to anyone with good vision
Not just to those people whose vision is lacking
And if you have faith in God He’s right beside you
To keep you calm if you feel it’s the devil attacking

All of those who have their sight can only imagine
What it’s like from moment to moment every day
My advice to those who are visually impaired is
So what if it should happen what else can you say

If you let all these things bother you to the point
That it gives you a heart attack from all the stress
The devil claims victory in the quest for your soul
Rebuke him and say that God is cleaning up his mess

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