Friday, October 4, 2013



Looking at our country’s tumultuous turmoil
Where our nation’s finances are in disarray
One might think that we’re headed for disaster
But you woke up making it through one more day

Just this one simple fact is a cause for celebration
But stop and think who you’re giving thanks to
It was the Lord who brought you to this point
That alone is a good reason to say, “Thank You.”

God wants to turn things around to get even better
But He’s looking for your help and participation
Connect with those who don’t know Messiah
Can you think of a better reason to celebrate

By leading unbelieving souls to the Light of the Lord
Both Jew and Gentile have been set spiritually free
It will set off a chain for them to do the same thing
The devil is having fits even though you can’t see

When you celebrate by going to God in Praise and Prayer
You’ll see all of the Lord’s love grace and mercy overflow
Do this with joy in your heart and I’ll guarantee you this
Your storehouse in the heaven above will continue to grow

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