Friday, October 18, 2013



The Lord said that telling a lie is a sin
Apparently there can be no exception
But if a white lie is meant to do good
Will God in His Mercy show redemption

Sometimes they may be told as an analogy
Like showing a child what’s wrong or right
By just telling the truth it won’t sink in
One example of this is my loss of sight

If a child is old enough to understand
I tell them about losing sight in one eye
But because of the way I have to tell it
The story I that I tell is a little white lie

I tell them that when I was their age
I was running with a pencil in my hand
I fell and the point thrust into my eye
It’s a story that they can understand

Many different stories are told with white lies
And they are far too numerous to mention
But if they reach the person they’re told to
It’s a safety issue that has gotten their attention

So if they should happen to be running
And have a sharp object in their hand
They might think twice and put it away
Proof that my tale did just as I planned

I’m sure there are plenty of other examples
Which are good lessons that can be learned
Like that they shouldn’t play with matches
And then showing them where I was burned

Like I said all of these are all little white lies
With a moral lesson told for their benefit
I’ll find out the truth when God judges me
But for now it works so I’ll keep telling it

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