Saturday, October 27, 2012



You’ve seen all of the presidential debates
But you’re still unsure who’ll get your vote
So I have a thought for you on the subject
Think about it and then make a mental note

Four years ago President Bush’s programs fell apart
Obama was election by promising to get us back then
Four years later we’re in even worse shape than before
His reelection will only move us even further back again

Romney has fresh ideas to get us moving forward again
So if the old way doesn’t work let’s try something new
If four years from now it’s still a mess or gotten worse
Like we did before we’ll have to do what we have to do

It’s not that I’m trying to influence your vote
Look at the situation from this perspective
One constant we know is that God is in control
And this is the way that I view His directive

If we as a nation reelect the incumbent president
Status quo prevails or we could be even deeper in
It’s a sign that brings us much closer to the end days
Godly influence will let us know when it will begin

On the other hand if our votes should elect the challenger
God may feel that there’s still hope before His final blow
Because of my spirituality I choose to the second theory
I personally feel that this is the direction we need to go

So if you’re still undecided I’ll repeat it again
The very same programs won’t bring us back
Hopefully by implementing fresh new ideas
We can get this great nation back on track

But whichever candidate you decide to vote for
Don’t let rhetoric or innuendos play a big part
Ask God for His help in guiding your decision
His influence will make you look very smart

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