Saturday, October 13, 2012


God said in the bible that
The wages of sin is death
But the Lord alone will decide
When we take our last breath

There isn’t a shred of doubt in my mind that
The Lord’s ultimate punishment for sin is hell
Until the day God decides that enough is enough
I’m sure He will make their lives a living hell as well

God also has the antidote for those who sin
It’s Salvation and it’s free of monetary cost
What you gained from the Lord will far outweigh
Any of the sinful pleasure that you will have lost

Think about the comparisons between the two
There’s eternal damnation in hell with no relief
Compared to a heavenly with stored up blessings
And all that it will cost is your faith and belief

Also while residing in your heavenly mansion
Through God’s benevolent gift of eternal life
The medical benefit that you’re entitled to is in
A realm where there is no sickness pain or strife

So now that you have the only two possible choices
Accept Yeshua and get these great things for free
Or continue your ways and be eternally damned
These are the choices which one of them will it be

If it were me the choice would be a no brainer
I would follow the Lord and be on the right path
Life is good here but heaven looks to be happier
And It’s also much better than facing God’s wrath

If like me you choose what you can see is much better
There’s one catch that I’d forgot to inform you about
By accepting Yeshua He said that you must die to self
On earth you must be prepared to possibly do without

By that I mean giving of yourself in service to God
Confessing your sin to Him if you falter in any way
Devoting your life and spreading God’s Good News
This is my wish for you that I will constantly pray

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