Saturday, October 27, 2012



I sense the end of days coming soon when
I see such drastic changes in the weather
It’s my belief that God isn’t very happy
Because mankind can’t get along together

Yes we were given the ability to discern
But quite obviously we’ve abused this gift
This is evident when a small understanding
Always seems to turns into a full blown rift

In reality we know who the culprit is
Satan daily spreads his wicked ways
And though God gives us discernment
The devil compensates with games he plays

Although God has the power over him
He’s seeking by our faith for us to resist
We need Him to return sooner than later
To destroy satan’s ways with an iron fist

The devastation that Yeshua will pour out
Will be horrendous and it will affect us all
There’s no disputing the book of Revelation
Which finally leads to the devils downfall

It may or may not happen within my lifetime
For only God knows when the time is right
Just keep your eyes glued toward the eastern sky
As the Lord will ascend there in the day or night

Perhaps it’s just something that I’m praying for
I just feel too many signs are pointing that way
I know for a fact that after the lord does return
God’s faithful will be in for a much brighter day

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