Saturday, October 20, 2012



When I’m no longer on this earth how will you or
Perhaps I should even ask will you remember me
If I’ve ever made any sort of impact in your life
I’d like for you to thank God that He set me free

Free to do God’s bidding and His will
Even though He said it was my choice
Thank Him for His showing me favor by       
Allowing me to retain my cantorial voice

Thank the Lord for my poetic ministry that
Allowed me to share the words I was given
Through the Holy Spirit that God wanted you
To read them and that it had kept me driven

Driven to comfort those who might need it and
Those who don’t know God show them the way
When you hear my name I hope that you smile
Because in some way I even helped you one day

I’m not looking for fame or a pat on the back but
When my time’s up I’d like to hear the Lord say,
“Well done My good and faithful servant,
Welcome to heaven on this beautiful day.”

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