Sunday, September 9, 2012



Just in case you haven’t glanced at my bio
Both my wife and I are Messianic Jews
We love and worship Yeshua Ha Meshiach and
Are committed to spreading God’s Good News

We’ve never claimed that we know it all but
God gave me these words to set things straight
Many of these truths you may already know
If not these are facts to put on your plate

Messianic Judaism is biblically based Judaism
From Genesis through the book of Revelation
The New Covenant was written by Jews for Jews
So that they would have a much clearer explanation

In the beginning after Yeshua rose to heaven
It was started by the apostles and called The Way
Non Jews who were believers were also included
This is also true of Messianic Judaism today

Eventually they outnumbered the Jewish Believers
That’s the time when the church came into existence
The Jews who believed worshiped with the Gentiles
The rest who didn’t believe to this day have resisted

Almost two thousand years later The Way resurfaced
Becoming what is know as Messianic Judaism today
We worship Messiah just as He worshiped Father God
Celebrating God’s Commanded Festivals the same way

Jews who deny messiah are wearing blindfolds
Put there to be removed in God’s time and place
And on that day God’s Truth will be revealed
To all of God’s Children in the whole human race

Now that I’ve told you some facts as I know them
If you want to know more just comment and ask
God has provided me with these words that you’re reading
So He knows if there are more questions I’m up to the task

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