Sunday, September 23, 2012


In our lifetime we are given many chances
This also includes host of opportunities
The one that I’m going to suggest to you
Without exception it has no immunities
A well known singer once recorded a song
Which said,” you have to serve somebody.”
In this case it will either be God or satan
Your choice to be blessed or look shoddy
There are many ways that this can be accomplished
Serving in a house of worship or your community
It would be even better if you could do them both
I suggest you to take advantage of this opportunity
Even though you may be a Believer in the Lord
Just attending a place to worship in not enough
You must serve faithfully within its confines
If not this is where the going will get tough
Also serve by helping others in your community
There are many that are less fortunate than you
A thank you or smile on their face may be your reward
But remember that God also sees the things that you do   
There are many ways to store up treasures in heaven and
Large donations isn’t always what the Lord is looking for
Your congregation might need it but Father God doesn’t
It just might count if you would serve Him even more
There are so many ways to serve your Heavenly Father
Just find someone who knows what they are and ask how
Once reaching that goal you’ll be blessed beyond measure
Don’t put it off until tomorrow get up and do it right now

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