Sunday, September 9, 2012



I often ponder what it will be like in the
Aftermath that will follow this election
Somehow I just feel that I know the answer
Even though it really depends on the selection

If the incumbent gets elected I just can’t be sure
The way he exercise his control even to this day
Will he stop me from writing about the Lord and
Will I have the freedom that I now enjoy to pray

Even a blind person can hear about all that he’s doing
Taking God out of all things that shows His goodness
Yet we all share the blame and it sure is a shame
How else do you think that we got into this mess

With the other choice things could be looking up but
It could even take a little longer to get accomplished
But in reality the first choice may be just as good because
It brings us so much closer to what God said He’d finish

I’m just one of many voices for God’s Majesty
And try as they may they’ll never silence us all
So whatever the election’s result I won’t stop writing
Unless of course I hear the sound of God’s Glory call

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