Sunday, February 12, 2012



This poem is about a subject which
Those who are believe already know
It’s written to help others understand
And to help their Spirituality to grow

Yeshua said that the most important commandments
Were to love God with everything that is within you
The second is to love your neighbor as yourself
Which is something that many people do not do

In my congregation this is second nature
Applying to members and visitors as well
We do not boast saying, “Look what I did.”
For we would not want our head to swell

God sees and knows everything that you do
One day your deeds will have its own reward
Whether here on earth or in God’s Kingdom
Where all believers know they are heading to

Read the bible all the way through
It’s the world’s most printed book
Written by the Greatest Author ever
It answers all questions when you look

As you get into the New Testament
Your eyes will open and you’ll see
That Yeshua is the only way to God
Your sins forgiven you’ve been set free

As a Jew you are completed in Him
The Gentile is Spiritually Born Again
Believing in Him earns you eternal life
At a time of God’s choosing where and when

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  1. I really enjoyed this poem it held a spiritual depth to it that I found made the poem even that much more powerful.
    I am a stronger Christian and I find that at my lowest times when I didn't know if I had the strength to continue living that my faith was always there. I never once doubted that God is real, never doubted the Bible and I think that is what non-believers, or atheists don't understand. They don't understand how someone can believe in something so strongly without any solid proof whatsoever. The realization is sad.
    I have an great-uncle whose spent his entire life believing that when you die you 'proof' disappear into nothing. He shakes every time the conversation comes up, because he fully believes that you are just gone when you die. It was in that moment, last summer that I meet my first atheist, and all I could feel was sorrow because they spend so much time believing so inadvertently that God is not real, they waste so much effort and spend every day in denial.

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