Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A question for my foreign viewers

Below is a list of countries that are viewing my blog. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone from those countries would leave a comment letting me know how you found my blog. Thanks
& God Bless.
1United States, 2Russia, 3China, 4Germany,
5Canada, 6India, 7Japan, 8Philipines, 9Netherlands,
10Portugal, 11Latvia, 12Ukraine,13UnitedKingdom,
14S.Korea, 15Anguilla,16Australia, 17 Singapore,
18Brazil, 19Indonesia, 20Trinidad & Tobago,
21Poland, 22 Switzerland, 23Sweden, 24France,
25Afghanistan, 26Ecuador, 27Bahamas, 28Honduras,
29Moldova, 30Turkey, 31Slovenia, 32 Ireland,
33Mexico, 34Pakistan, 35Kuwait, 36Thailand

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