Thursday, April 28, 2016



Where are you in your walk with God
Do you walk with Him all day long
In prayer in deeds and your attitude
If not your walk with Him is wrong

We are zealous over many things
In our jobs hobbies and in sports
Somehow being that way for God
Just seems to put us out of sorts

Messiah sacrificed His Life for us
To absolve sin and bring salvation
Be zealous when you spread God's Word although
You may encounter anger disbelief and frustration

You cannot fathom the pain that He endured
You couldn't do the same would be my guess
You need to stand for the Lord and get convicted
For it is you that the Lord our God wants to bless

The ultimate reward is very simple
So when you see Him face to face
By what you've thought said and done in His Name
You will know that you have received G-d's Grace

Now isn't that worth the extra effort
It beats the alternative you must agree
By your actions deeds and the Word of God
Multitudes will know the truth and be set free

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