Friday, January 8, 2016



When I pray daily to my Father God
And His Son Messiah Yeshua too
I've been given the gift of the Holy Spirit
That makes me a creature born anew
And through the gift of the Holy Spirit
Unbelievers see that I am Blessed by God
In my Spiritual walk on the narrow path
Which shows the three of us to be Echad

For my thoughts and prayers are Hineni Lord
I will always serve You however you see fit
You know that even if what You ask is hard
I will press forward to the mark and never quit

I have had an abundance of gifts poured upon me
All are used to Praise and Bless God's Holy Name
Whatever I'm able to give back does not compare
Because as a completed Jew I will never be the same

When my time on earth has ended
And only God knows the exact date
I will exalt the Lord even more than I did before
In gratitude for all that has been put upon my plate
I'd be happy just sitting on a log in Heaven
But God said that there is a mansion waiting for me
Overflowing with His Shalom and needs no locks  
For the Lords Grace and Mercy hold the only key

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