Saturday, January 19, 2013



God knows exactly what’s on your heart
For the Lord is the one that put it there
Even some atheist questions their belief
And looks for another answer elsewhere

Whether you’re an atheist or just unsure
God is the only answer to any questions
I would like to help you find the answer
Just follow through on my suggestions

Have you read the bible in your lifetime
The Old Covenant and the New as well
It answers any questions you may have
It’s really God’s Book of show and tell

Having done so I’m sure that you see
He will answer whatever you may ask
So the question that I have for you now
Is are you prepared and up to the task

What Messiah Yeshua wants you to do is
Believe unto Him and repent of your sins
The changes that you see will amaze you
For this is when your renewed life begins

There are many more things that I could elaborate on
But the Lord says you need to investigated on you own
I’ll always be here to support your Spiritual needs and
I’ll be blessed to see how your Godly Faith has grown

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