Saturday, January 26, 2013



I found this poem’s title to be interesting
Because of where I’m going with this one
It isn’t plagiarism because I’m following
And spread the teachings of God’s Son

It’s actually pragmatic because I’m putting
A teaching from my rabbi to a very good use
When the theme of the teaching was revealed
Not one person could come up with an excuse

The Title of his sermon was “Thank you for
The things I have and what I don’t as well”
When he elaborated on the sermon’s title
God’s Word was clear and accepted well

He gave numerous examples of some things that
You may wish you had but are glad they’re not
Because what you wished for turned to disaster
So just thank God for all the things you’ve got

I was a perfect example of what the sermon meant
Many times I had longed for what I felt entitled to
But God knew I’d do much better off without them
Of course Father God was right so what else is new

It may be alright to hope and wish for your desires
But since God provides the things you’ll ever need
Just give thanks to Him and if it is His will for you
What you want will come in God’s time and speed

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