Saturday, June 15, 2013



 Occasionally people will ask me just who I am
I’m a Father Grandfather Uncle cousin and friend
I am also a servant of the Living God
On whose love I know that I can always depend

I have children and grandchildren
That I absolutely love and adore
Because that love comes back to me
I really couldn’t ask for more

I'm an uncle and cousin who tries to keep up with
Things that happen with my friends and family
But they’re so spread out in this country that
Sadly these are many relatives that I rarely see

As a believer in the Living God
I do my best to follow what He asks
It’s not always easy to comply and
At times I may not be up to the tasks

The good thing that will comes from this is
That I confessed my sins and I’m forgiven
That one blessing alone that God gives to me
Is more than enough to always keep me driven

Now that I’ve told you who I am
May I ask the same thing of you
What I’d like to know the most though is
Are you obedient to God in what He asks of you

If you’re not please tell me why not
It’s a very simple thing to choose
For at the end of life which direction you take
As the saying goes, “if you snooze, you lose.”

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