Saturday, June 29, 2013



My style of writing verses is not the same
As most of the poems that you have read
The most important thing to me
Is to get you thinking in your head

My ministry is to lead you to Messiah
Or at the very least to plant the seed
That will blossom when the time is right
Which always happens at God’s speed

If I have peaked your curiosity
The first thing that you need to do
Is read the Old Testament to the end
Then read its conformation in the New

If you should tell me that Yeshua did not
Complete all things that were prophesied
I’d say, “You’re right, but those unfulfilled,
Upon His return will all materialize.”

I can tell you these things over and over again
Until such a time as you no longer want to hear
But when that need for God arises and it will
You will cast aside every doubt and fear

Then like mine your work is never done because
Serving the Lord will become your life’s mission
Then your purpose in life has been revealed
God knows that you have made the right decision

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