Friday, July 5, 2013



Earthquakes tornados and floods oh my
What in heaven’s name is happening here
For whatever my opinion may be worth
I believe that the end time is drawing near

The Word of God in the book of Revelation
Foretells of coming disasters that are greater
What is happening now is just the beginning of
The devastation that was designed by our creator
These are only a few signs of things that will happen
But you’ll never see them if you have blinders on
And by the time you begin to see what I’m seeing
Those that you know and love may already be gone

As believers we need not be afraid because
We are saved by the blood of our Messiah
To all those who do not know the Lord
Their Salvation is my heart’s desire

The bible tells us of utter chaos and destruction
And horrible deaths for those who don’t know
That their eternity will be worse than death
In the darkness of satan’s kingdom down below

But if you ask forgiveness of your sins and  
Profess Yeshua as your Messiah and Lord
You’ve chosen the only way that will save your Soul
Your destruction is immanent if this path is ignored

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