Saturday, May 25, 2013

A SPECIAL COMMENTARY FROM THE POET, PLEASE READ: (Although I believe that many Jews & Gentiles who read my poetry blog will not, because they do not believe in Yeshua, I still pray that they will read this!)

Before I enter this week’s 2 poems, I urge you to read the following commentary:

My wife and I attend a weekly bible study which is mostly attended by Christians & is led by a Messianic Jew which encompasses both the Old & New Covenants.

During last week’s study, a visitor,  (who I believe had Jewish roots) asked the study leader: How can you be Jewish, believe in the Old Testament & still believe in Jesus? He gave her several reasons quoting from the Old Testament & asked her to see him after the study for a more in depth explanation. She did not stay for the rest of the study, which is typical of most unbelieving Jews who are wearing blinders and either don’t want to or are afraid to hear God’s Truth that will set them Spiritually Free.  

Now for my commentary on the subject which is meant intended for the both unbelieving
Jews and Gentiles: Although there is so much more to it, these are some basic facts:

# 1: Jesus (His Hebrew Name @ birth Was & Is Yeshua, which means Salvation.) is a Living God.  I say Living God because of the power of His Holy Sprit which lives in all of us who have received God’s Salvation. Those who believe in other gods, need to remember that the others are dead and buried in the ground, but after Yeshua’s death He rose from the dead and rose again to heaven which was witnessed by thousands before He ascended back to heaven to sit at God our Father’s side.

You may ask, how can Yeshua be Lord, if there is only 1 God?  It is because of the Tri Unity of God, who came down to earth in human form, by the birth of Yeshua through the Jewish virgin Miriam (Mary) and the power of God’s Holy Spirit which lives inside of us, which in most cases helps us to make good decisions in life.

# 2: The New Covenant was written to the Jews by Yeshua’s Disciples who were all Jewish. What you need to remember is that in Israel before that time there were two types of believers. Either the people were Jewish and idol worshipers atheists. Christianity was born after the formation through a Spiritual group called “The Way” that was started by Yeshua’s Dispels, and is now called Messianic Judaism. They worshiped in the Synagogue and included Gentiles who were grated into God’s Tree of Life. The Gentiles eventually formed Christianity, which is composed of many Believing Churches. They were grafted into God’s Tree of Life. As was written in both he Old Covenant as well as th New Covenant by Yeshua’s Jewish Disciples.

# 3: The coming of the Messiah which was fulfilled by Yeshua is foretold in the Old Covenant and except for His Return which will occur in the end of end days, was verified by His Jewish Dispels in the New Covenant.

Because the scriptural quotes in both Covenants are too numerous to mention, I urge the Jews and Gentiles who are non believers to look them up on Google, go to them in both Covenants, and I prey that the blinders would be lifted from their eyes, for God’s Truth will set them Spiritually free

 This week’s 2 poems are next. Blessings in Yeshua, Joel

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