Saturday, May 4, 2013



Where are you on God’s Pecking Order
We know that the Lord Our God is Holy
Are you secured in God’s Righteousness
Or do you consider yourself to be lowly

If you believe yourself to be secure in the Lord
Because you’re living life just as God has said
It’s a commendable thing and my prayer is that
It stays in your heart and doesn’t go to your head

But if you should feel that you’re not worthy
I’d like you to think it over again my friend
Just making a few simple changes in your life
Determines which direction you go in the end

Have you accepted Yeshua as your Lord and Savior
He gave His life so that your sins would be forgiven
Through Him you’ve secured a way to God our Father
That’s a blessing more than enough to keep you driven

Then start storing up your treasure in heaven by
Doing good and being a blessing to those in need
By spreading the Gospel to all who will listen
Although you can’t see it you’ve planted a seed

When the day comes that He calls you home
You’ll have done what is right in God’s eyes
And when God declares you a righteous person
By the life you lived it won’t come as a surprise

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