Saturday, May 4, 2013



Sometimes I seem to get the feeling that
Although I may sense the need to write
God lets me know that I must wait until
After a Sabbath service on Friday night

Quite often word that He provides me with
Come while I listening to the rabbi preaching
His sermons very often reveal special messages  
To people that the Lord needs to be reaching

I draw from the words of the rabbi’s messages
And write them in poetic form for all to read
If it reaches just ones for whom it was intended
They’d see some things that they need to heed

I don’t claim to have extra ordinary powers but I know
That the Lord tells me exactly what to write and when
If  one of my poems applies to you but it still not clear
Go back to the beginning and slowly read it over again

If you feet I can be of any further assistance to you
Feel free to leave me a comment here or email me
My priority is to assist you on this special journey
The end result is that the Lord will set your Spirit free

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