Saturday, May 11, 2013



Motherhood is something too complex
To be given just one single definition
There are so many things that define it
To name only one is an unjust decision

Using my wife Trudi to define what I mean
Because she is the perfect example you see
Of the many hats that a mother wears in life
As well as a wife and a best friend to me

Although I wasn’t involved in her early years
I’m sure that playing house was the start of it
She learned loving and caring and cooking too
Experiencing even more when she’d baby sit

She learned many things in her first marriage
Especially when all her children came along
Loving and nurturing them even too this day
Her character in life became extremely strong

She was a cook a chauffer a nurse and a teacher
Always there if they needed a shoulder to cry on
And now she leads by example to her grandchildren
Because being a mother doesn’t mean moving on

Her children and grandchildren still seek her advice
Even long after starting a new chapter in her life
I thank the Lord for the blessing that she is to me
Even before the first day that she became my wife
She’s there for anyone who may be in need
My children love her as a mother and friend
My Mother’s Day wish for her for this and every year
Is to know that I’ll love her beyond the day our lives end

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