Saturday, May 18, 2013



Oh God please give those who seek You
The Spirit of your daughter Ruth
Not only the Gentiles but the unsaved Jews
Should follow your way leading to the truth

May they see her wisdom to stay
With Naomi and worship You
You chose her as Your Vessel because
You saw in her spirit all that was true

The Messianic Believers and Messianic Jews
Know that into her bloodline Your Son was born
Our Messiah who lived and preached Your Word
To all who would listen and some who would scorn

Yeshua because He was both man and God
Knew that He would be Your Sacrificed Lamb
Through Him sin was cleansed and Salvation given
To intercede for Believers with the Great I Am

God gave Yeshua breath generations ago
Through the Spirit of His Daughter Ruth
Eternal Life is yours when you professing God’s Son
As Messiah who is the Way the Light and the Truth

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