Saturday, May 25, 2013



Messiah Was and Is and Is To Come
And He alone is God’s Perfect Lamb
The second part of God’s Tri-Unity
The Living Son of the Great I Am

You knew from Yeshua’s birth that He was special
Part man Part God whose name means Salvation
If you believe that He is who He said that He is
Then like many you’ve cause for a joyous celebration

Yeshua would sacrifice His life for each of us
The only Perfect Lamb to take away our sins
On the day that you accept and believe in Him
That’s when your newborn spiritual life begins

Among the very many promises that God grants you
Are eternal life treasures and a mansion in heaven
The rewards are yours when you confess and believe
It’s the price that Yeshua paid to cleanse you of leven  

When you reach God’s Kingdom
You may want to seek His Face
For now I want you to remember that
Your entire life was covered by His Grace

God has also given you freedom of choice
Whether you want to accept His Son or not
What you need to know in advance however
Is that the alternative to this is extremely hot

Once you have passed away there are no do overs
Eternity is an extremely long time to feel the heat
I urge you to accept Yeshua as your Messiah today
To receive God’s Shalom which is full and complete

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