Sunday, August 5, 2012



May God protect you on each and every day
For The Lord knows that your flesh is weak
To avoid being tempted by satan
It's the Lord that all must seek

If you will convey your faithfulness to God by
Showing your love through praise and prayer
The Lord will return His Blessings ten fold
And whenever you need Him He’ll be there

God has made you in His image
A fact that's indisputably true
He loves you for who you are but not
For some of the things that you may do

It is just one of the reasons
That God’s only Son was born
He died so that all of sin would be forgiven and for
The Salvation of the wicked weak sick and forlorn

Resurrected He walked with His disciples
Then rose to sit at His Father’s side
If the Lord could do this much for you
Couldn’t you cast away your foolish pride

By professing all of your faith in Yeshua
Just a part of your reward is eternal life
You know there’s only one alternative to this
Yes it’s the devil’s kingdom of eternal strife

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