Saturday, August 11, 2012



Do you believe that you’re in control
Of most of what happens in your life
You really need to take a second look
For you don’t even control your strife

This is the truth of the matter
The Lord is in complete control
Every decision that you make will have
A bearing on the outcome of your Soul

God the Father is pointing you in the right direction
Even though you believe that you made that choice
Sometimes a detour is needed to keep things on track
So the Holy Spirit guides you through an inner voice

As long as you can comprehend these facts
Your Soul is headed in the right direction
Love God with everything that is in you knowing
That He will always be there for your protection

The end result is all that really matters
God wants you in heaven to seek His Face
Knowing that by always following His lead
These decisions led you to a far better place

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