Sunday, August 26, 2012



When I observe most Christian Faiths
A cross is the very first thing that I see
Isn’t it enough to say who they are and
Tell of the reason that set mankind free

An example is the Messianic Jew who believe in
Yeshua just as Christians who call Him Jesus do
Their symbol is from a God given commandment
And from King David to identify them as a Jew

Yes Jesus is a part of the tri unity of God and
More emphasis is put on the new than the Old
But Yeshua was there even before the creation
Patiently waiting for God’s timetable to unfold

Why do people pray to interceding statues of Saints
Is another subject which I also find somewhat odd
A Believer should know that when the curtain was torn
That it gave them a direct line of communication to God

Why is it so important to identify a faith or
A person as a Christian or a Believing Jew
It’s more important to have blind faith and
Show this in all that you say think and do

My point is to put more emphasis where it belongs
By espousing the Lord with a faith that is blind
The purpose of the cross isn’t meant to be a symbol to worship
But to remind us of God’s sacrifice for the Salvation of mankind

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