Sunday, August 26, 2012



Are there pressing situations in your life
That may weigh heavily on your mind
Just by turning them over to the Lord
He allows you to cast this burden aside

Because you are one of God’s children
And through His Son you know Salvation
To protect and defend you is priority one
That always gives the enemy frustration

Still satan will come at you in other ways
Always trying to unravel your repentance
But when you walk on God’s straight path
It points the adversary to his death sentence

This we know from reading Scripture
The Lord will return with a vengeance
Casting the adversary deep into the pit
The price paid for deception his sentence

As long as you make God your first priority
He will clear your path from infernal strife
To abide with him in the heavenly realm
Pouring blessings upon you for eternal life

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