Sunday, August 19, 2012



Look into the mirror
And what do you see
When I took a look into the mirror
What I saw was a much older me

Where did all the time go
To the mirror I’d query
Perhaps in my pursuit of life
I was in too much of a hurry

I was born of Jewish parents
A fact for which I am so glad
Years later as a grown adult
I did not practice what I had

I was married for many years and
Raised two girls but not spiritually
Yet knowing the Lord as I do now
I’ve no one to blame for this but me

Many years later my wife and I parted
What made me so scared I didn’t know
The Gentiles I knew always seemed happy
Yet it was not a secret what made them so

They all had Jesus in their lives
It was something that I wanted too
I was surprised when I discovered
That like me He was and is a Jew

Needless to say I was drawn back to God
But now I am a Messianic Believing Jew
To all of the Jewish people out there
I pray that you’ll come to know Yeshua too

The Lord brought a new meaning to my life
And He even led me to a very Godly wife
These days when I look into that mirror
My heart is no longer filled with strife

So what do you see when you look in the mirror
I pray that your life will be as blessed as mine
And that the love and peace that you will know
Comes from Yeshua our Lord God Savior Devine

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