Sunday, August 5, 2012



I have often wondered why it is
That so many people do not see
The daily troubles that surround them
As opposed to what has kept them free

Our great nation was built on these
Principles that govern our daily life
Many people choose to ignore them
It has filled our daily lives with strife

Daily all you hear is give me give me
From those who have not yet learned
They don’t understand what it really means
To work hard for the things you’ve earned

There isn’t any clear cut solution to this problem
But one thing I know is that where we’re headed now
That only a privileged few will be in control of our lives
And the rest of us will receive what they choose to allow

Because when the Conservatives join the Liberals
On key issues where they would normally disagree
How can the average citizen expect any justice
Knowing that the price of freedom isn’t free

It’s time to rise up and take your lives back
On issues where you’d normally disagree
Bring back that time of self control
When it comes to your civil liberty

Don’t get in bed with the devil
On matters that will rob your soul
Keep the faith and just remember
That no matter what God is in control

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