Thursday, October 15, 2015



The Holy Spirit has drawn us together
To attend our annual men’s retreat
Our focus is to worship and praise the Lord
His Glory will lead to satan's ultimate defeat

There may be other reasons for attending
Such as the Spiritual bonding of Godly men
Or the need to re-connect with their Jewish roots
To bring them back to our Messiah's path again

The strong presence of Yeshua can be felt here
Our Messiah gave His life so that we would see
That His sacrifice cleansed us of our sins forever
By believing in Him as Lord it would set us free

Another way that we are blessed is to hear God's Word from a
Spiritual leader who daily exalts the Lord in prayer and praise
Just one more sign of the impending return of our Messiah
Confirming that we're somewhere in the end of end days

When this fulfilling retreat comes to a close
Each one of us will go forth with one ultimate goal
Spreading the word of Good News in Messiah Yeshua
To both Jew and Gentile that will render them whole

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