Thursday, April 30, 2015



In 1948 Israel once again became a nation
But not nearly the size that God did decree
Greed and hatred played a very large part
Offsetting what had been declared biblically

At first when the land was settled again
The soil was barren and undernourished
True to His promise God made the land fertile
So that the crops that they grew would flourish

The Muslim world would try to squeeze them out and
To be politically correct many nations of power said ok
But the love of God is on the side of His Chosen People
And they will always defend their right to stay

As another turmoil of end time signs
I believe that God's word will be kept 
He will silence the power of the enemy
Because the Word the L-rd is not inept

Then He will praise all the nations under Him
For God alone knows when the time is right
The world will be at peace with one another
There will be no need for any nations to fight

This will be the next to last end time sign
It will pave the way for Messiah's return
To bring us all into God's Holy Kingdom
It is a time for which all believers yearn

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