Thursday, April 23, 2015



When you translate the Hebrew word Mishpochah
Into English the meaning of the word is family
The Holy Spirit showed me just how
This word specifically applies to me

We planned a trip to West Palm Beach
For my wife's sister's birthday celebration
It went without saying that while we were there
We would fellowship with at least one congregation
On Friday night we worshiped at a small Messianic Synagogue
As Mishpochah their leader poured a bless on us that very night
We said the blessings over the Sabbath candles wine and bread
For both of us this was a privilege and a spiritual delight

On Sunday morning we prayed with Baptist believers
The Pastor of this Church was the nephew of my wife
He called me to the pulpit to join Him for the closing prayer
Another of many blessings that God has poured into my life

These examples are the true meaning of the word Mishpochah
Jew and Gentile as one to praise and glorify Yeshua our Lord
Just one more sign of Messiah's soon return and on that day
Mankind's belief in Him as the Son of God will be of one accord

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