Thursday, April 2, 2015



Scientists and atheists will offer the world
All sorts of theories about all of creation
But those who believe that God does exist
Will refute this preposterous explanation

If you do believe the scientific explanation
And should you have the propensity to read
I suggest that you read the complete bible
Written by God providing all you’ll need

God wrote it through His Prophets and disciples
With very clear instructions on what to follow
Written to the Jew first and then to the Gentile
They both found some things hard to swallow

So God sent an image of Himself through His Son
He preached God’s word to the Jew and the Nations
For this Yeshua was crucified but His Pure Blood
Made a way to cleanse all of sin with some expectations

All that it takes is to profess Yeshua as your Messiah
And to ask His forgivingness for all of your past sins
That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ask Him daily
Because we do from the time that each day begins

There’s much more to learn about being a Godly Person
I could never put it into one single poem even of I tried
Be patient believe and always do what is just and right
The Lord’s Holy Spirit is in you and will not be denied

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