Sunday, April 12, 2015



If you don’t know Salvation through Yeshua and
You’re searching but don’t know what to do
I’ll explain in very simpler details what it takes
Precisely what it is that’s in store for you

First you need to accept Yeshua as your Messiah
Then ask forgiveness for every sin in your life
Once this happens you become a new creation
Now and in the after life you’re free of strife

Should these troubles fall on you while you live
Just Pray for help in the Name of the Lord
The Lords will is to see that they disappear
This makes you and Messiah of one accord

I must  say ” your obligation doesn’t end there.”
There’s so much more that needs to be done
To celebrate the Blessing of your Salvation
The victory over satan that you have won

First attend your own congregation regularly
Forsaking this is something you don’t need to do
Even visit other congregations frequently
The Lord Blessing will be bestowed on you

Next is that you need to tithe on your income
Contribute one tenth of everything you earn
Not doing what’s commanded in the bible
Causes the Lord Your God a great concern

You need to read your bible on a regular basis
Sometimes opening it to any particular page
Maybe the answer to your specific problem is
The Lord Telling you what you need to change

Get involved in the committees of your congregation
It’s all an integral part of what the lord Decreed
This is another blessing received from the Lord
And you have also fulfilled a very urgent need

The last thing that I need to tell you about
Is to Minister God’s word to the unsaved
On the Ominous day of the Lord’s Return
The last thing anyone needs is to be depraved

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