Sunday, April 12, 2015



Often times I’ll try to do things my way
And usually get frustrated beyond belief
I should be turning all of it over to God
And not be trapped with so much grief

Perhaps if the circumstances were different
And strokes had not left me legally blind
It creates quite a few problems because
Many times it becomes matter over mind

Although I’m aware that I have limitations
I need to be independent to a certain degree
So I attempt to handle many situations by myself
But more often than not it will backfire on me

I just need to accept my visual loss
Let God take over and let things go
Putting more effort into what I can do
In God my confidence will only grow

It’s an easy thing to say ”just let go.”
But it’s really so much harder to do
I always think that I can handle it
Both God and I know that it’s not so

I need to pray for wisdom and understanding
God will surely hear and honor my request
If a situation should arise that I can’t handle
I’ll trust in The Lord to do whatever is best

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