Thursday, May 7, 2015



I know that this poem will get me flack
People need to know the story that’s true
The Messiah wasn’t born in December
Not knowing when it’s what people do

The celebration on December twenty fifth
Has become commercialized to be sure
But since we don’t know the exact date
It’s a good day to celebrate and be pure

Another fact and there are so many more
Is Sunday isn’t the rest on Sabbath Day
The bible is very clear about seven days
That means the Sabbath is on Saturday

The truth is that it was the emperor Constantine
Who made the changes because he hated the Jews
An atrocity prevented future Jewish generations
Of being aware of the Lord God’s Good News

Still and all I’m thankful for the Gentiles
On God’s tree of life they were grafted in
Now both Messianic Jews and gentile can
Worship the Messiah who freed us from sin

The New Covenant declares that the Gentiles
Will be the ones to lead the Jews to jealousy
Besides being declared in the Holy Bible
I testify to its truth for it happened to me

All of these facts and more will never change
Until the Great Day of Yeshua our Lord’s Return
On that day you’d better pray you have Salvation
Or just like satan the devil in hell you’ll burn

Now that I’ve shared these many facts with you
You’ve a chance for Salvation and to know Messiah
When that great day comes and you receive Salvation
Your heart and Soul will be filled with a burning desire

This is where I have a slight problem
Rather than write another verse or two
Send me an email at
And I’ll instruct you all that you need to do

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