Thursday, May 7, 2015



I pray to God that some people don’t think that
Some subjects I write on I’m tooting my own horn
Yes I may give you my opinion on various subjects
And hope for this that I’m not mocked or scorned

While I’ll admit to having opinions on certain things
I’m just trying to get people to see my point of view
Hoping that they’ll agree with me about some topics
However if you read them that decision is up to you

Make no mistake this website serves only one purpose
To bring Salvation to the unsaved and comfort to others
The Lord Our God is the Father of all of civilization
In reality that makes us Spiritual Sisters and Brothers

The words that you see here are theoretically mine but
Other than verse two come from the Lord’s Holy Spirit
Even this poem explaining what I write and why I write it
God gave me this blessing that’s meant for all who read it

I’m just one minute but important part of God’s Army of Vessels
Whose purpose is to gather the wandering sheep of His Lost Flock
Because the Lord God has set a timetable to make everything right
I pray that you’ll get to know Him while you’re watching His Clock

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