Thursday, May 21, 2015



God does works in many different ways
That you and I will never understand
But if we know Him through the Holy Spirit
We know our future has been already planned

And knowing that God’s Son paid the ultimate price
So that as believers in Messiah our sins are washed away
Doesn’t mean that we don’t need to ask for forgiveness for
Sins that we commit or are not even aware of every day

Don’t judge others because you too will be judged
Avoid offensive things that you know are wrong
Our Rabbi has spoken about this numerous times
Follow his suggestion so that your faith stays strong

Don’t make excuses for not coming to a Sabbath service
Such as it’s too far or my child needs to be at a game
Because of you’re too busy for God you’re just too busy
When you think about it excuses are very lame

Serving the Lord is and always must
Always be your number one priority
God controls every facet or your life
For His Word is the final authority

Leg me give you an example of what I mean
At your daughters practice ballet session
She falls and cannot dance at the recital
I think God is trying to teach you a lesson

If your priorities were in order
God would surely let you know
Her recital would be flawless and her
Performance the high point of the show

Or you son always the winning run to score
I’m sure that you and he would be very sad
By putting your Godly priorities in order
One day his winning hit makes you both glad

By know I’m hoping that I’ve gotten my point across
The order of priority must be God Family then you
So ask God’s forgiveness and always serve Him first
As a believer you know that it’s the right thing to do

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