Sunday, April 15, 2012


At this time of the year we gather together
To observe the Holocaust Remembrance
A time in history when atrocities occurred and which other
Than to those who perpetrate it makes absolutely no sense

Millions of Jews and Gentiles had been tortured
And murdered because of their religious belief
The people who knew chose to looked the other way
Not seeing the tears and anguish in a family's grief

This was the evil work of the devil
People ask why God let this occur
We can not question God's reasoning
But look to the future for the answer

It might have been an End Time sign
As we await the day of Messiah's return
We know that these murderers will go to hell
And forever more their evil souls will burn

One of the reasons that we hold Yom Hashoa each and every year is
Because not one of us can change the atrocities that happened then
We mourn the horrors done to strangers friends and loved ones
Every one of us is responsible to see that it won’t ever happen again

The deceased victims are safe now for they are with God
On the day of His choosing God will bring us home too
Blessed to be with those that we know and love again
In His Eternal Kingdom for both the Gentile and Jew

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