Sunday, April 15, 2012



Recently I checked my Blog statistics and noticed that
The number of readers for the month was quite low
I wondered if it was something that I had written
And asked the Lord if He would please let me know

Whatever the reason if it was me that was at fault
I’ll make the necessary apologies and corrections
But since I can not discern the reason on my own
That’s why Lord I’m asking for Your interjection

You provided me with this poetic ministry and
I know like all humans that I’ll make mistakes
Please show me whatever it is that I need to change
I am Your servant Lord and I’ll do whatever it takes

Because in the past You have shown the way
And led readers here and abroad to my site
Please tell me is it just me being paranoid
Or what I need to do to make things right

I am and always will be Your obedient servant
And continue to write the words that You provide
Please get me on the path to thinking straight
By letting me know what it is that You decide

No matter what I’ll always be grateful to You for
Allowing me the privilege of spreading Your Word
So that I may comfort people or lead them to You
It is extremely important that God’s Word be heard

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