Sunday, April 22, 2012



On the day that you accept Yeshua as Messiah
By confessing sorrow for your committed sins
They’re all forgiven by the blood that He shed
Right then and there your newborn life begins

But the process doesn’t stop there because
We must ask God’s forgiveness every day
For we commit sins daily and may not be aware of them
God loves you even more when you give thanks and pray

Now have the courage and Holy Boldness to go forth
And spread God’s Word to everyone who would hear
That they too can receive the blessing of Salvation from God
That drives out the temptation which would call the devil near

But be forewarned for the devil lies and never quits
He will attempt to sneak in through any open crack
Remember that God has given you power to drive him out
Your faith love and devotion will keep him from coming back

Each Believer has been given some sort of ministry
To reach out and fill the unbeliever’s empty holes
Music prayer and teaching God’s Word are a few ways
Which will help to bring the Holy Spirit into their Souls

Show sincerity in the way that you minister for God
For He knows everything that you say think and do
Remember that the greatest gift that you’ll receive
Is the day when Messiah Yeshua comes back for you

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