Friday, April 6, 2012



Have you ever noticed that the theme
Of my poetry all seems to be the same
Let me explain the reason that I do this
Besides to bless the Lord’s Holy Name

When you repeat something over and over
Hopefully the message it brings will sink in
Lead you to accept Yeshua as your Messiah
Whose sacrifice absolved you of all sin

I cannot make this choice for you but
I’ve planted a seed that you may not see
Only God knows when to remove the blinders
So that those in Spiritual captivity can be set free

I know what you’re going through
I was once in your shoes as well
Now this wounded person that I was before
Has the Lord’s protection from satan’s spell

That’s not to say that I never sin but
I confess to God the wrongs I’ve done
And God continues to pour blessings on me
Because I walk in the path of His Only Son

I pray that you will see the light as well
Your life will never be as it was before
In Yeshua there is Salvation and eternal life
As well as peace and love forever more

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