Sunday, April 22, 2012


Final Judgement

For most of my life I will admit that
I was afraid knowing that someday I would die
I could not explain why I felt this way
Sometimes these feelings would make me cry

Much later in my life I would understand
That there was no reason to feel that way
For Yeshua brought Salvation into my life
And now I live my life from day to day

His teachings showed me not to fear
When it's my time I have God's Grace
Then my Spiritual soul will be lead to Heaven
Which we all know is a much better place

Through Yeshua's blood all sin is forgiven
But unknowingly I sin each and every day
I must try even harder to walk in His way
So daily I ask God's forgiveness when I pray

I have no clue how I'll no judged
Only God knows what He plans
Each day I make Him my first priority
My ultimate fate is in the Lord's hands

I didn't write this to scare you or sound morbid
What I've written is just the facts sir ma'am
Placing God first in everything that you do
Will impact the decision of God and the Lamb

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