Sunday, April 1, 2012



Something is special about writing poetry
It’s something that I like to do
It tells a story with rhyming lines
Providing benefits to both me and you

It has come naturally to me for many years
Something that I hope you’ll understand
What I didn’t know until my Salvation was that
All this time my words were guided by God’s Hand

Now that I know this hidden fact
The words you see just seem to flow
They were given for you to enjoy because
The Lord truly knows that I love Him so

Whatever benefit or pleasure that you receive
From any of the many pieces that I write
Are just as beneficial to me as well because
They keep me calm and help me sleep at night

I pray that God is playing a significant part
In your life as he has been and is in mine
God sacrificed His only Son to absolve all sin
A Father’s love that will stand the test of time

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