Sunday, April 29, 2012



A number of the poems that I’ve written say
That God doesn’t promise you a rose garden
Whatever the circumstances if He leads you to it
He’ll get you through it so don’t let your heart harden

Put your complete trust in God by having
Blind faith in whatever decision He makes
And do your part to help make things right
A positive attitude improves the odds in the stakes

The words that I write are from a personal perspective
My body is full of arteries and I’m in constant severe pain
My blood pressure is very high and I could just give up but
My faith in God says, “Don’t give up, there’s nothing to gain.”

If the Holy Spirit told me that my time is nearing the end
I’d know it was something that God had decided
And I wouldn’t be afraid of what would come next
For I am saved by the sacrifice that Messiah provided

That’s all good for there’s no sickness in heaven
As well as a mansion where I’d be able to rest
But for now I know that is not what God’s saying
Because by showing my faith I’ve passed His test

In other words I’ll do my part doing whatever it takes
To restore my health even though I’m getting up in age
So that I can serve God in whatever way that I’m able
Knowing that when my time is up God will turn to the next page

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