Thursday, October 9, 2014



I’ve written a poem about a fireman
I’ve written about women in my life
I’ve written a tale about a lawman
And many poems to and about my wife

I’ve written a couple about some hospital stays
And numbers of them about friends and family
But mostly poems about the love I have of God
And how God Can Do for you what He Did for me

I composed verses of reuniting with friends from my home town 
God has given me one each year to hand out at our men’s retreat
I’ve been blessed to have written a book of Spiritual poetry and
Run a web site for them many I thought worthy enough to repeat

I’ve written poems about Messiah being the Son of God
And many about the Lord being Jewish just like me
How Yeshua was God’s Only Perfect Sacrificial Lamb
Whose blood would set all the sins of mankind free

I write poems to my wife for various occasions
It’s not like I’m too cheap to purchase a card
Often the word comes to me at the last moment
That on occasion makes writing them very hard

Telling about when you Accept Yeshua as your Messiah
How by this profession of faith it will set your Spirit free
And about the day God calls you home to His Kingdom
How you will abide in a mansion in heaven for eternity

I don’t doubt that I could not have written each of these verses
Without the benefit of words that come through the Holy Spirit
I truly believe that my God has blessed me with this poetic gift
To bring comfort joy and even Salvation to these who read it

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