Friday, October 17, 2014



Funny thing about growing older
It’s a much different world today
We’ve made so much progress
That it sometimes gets in our way

Many years ago when I was a youngster
Women worked when men went to war
Now if they’re even able to find a job
Women are working more and more

On the Sabbath people would worship God
Now to many it’s if they have the time to go
Some churches are adopting unholy doctrines
Do they really thinking that God doesn’t know

Couples are getting divorced more frequently
That’s even if they make the decision to wed
More of them are having babies out of wedlock
When they should be getting married first instead

Some subjects that I won’t even write about
Because it would only stir up a hornets nest
Satan is in control of the airwaves on earth
But God is still in total control which is best

The Lord knows exactly what’s going on
But in the very near future God has a plan    
According to the written word in the bible
Things will be similar to when life began

Satan’s world will fall apart one day very soon
When Messiah returns with a vengeful sword
The devil’s world will be completely destroyed
That’s the end time that we’re heading toward

There will be much desolation and destruction
Even the believers won’t be free from pain
But in that final time when the dust settles
The Lord our God is victorious once again

If you haven’t done so Profess to knowing Messiah
It will make things so much easier at the very end
Confess of your sins daily which will all be forgiven
The Lord God is your protector and your friend

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