Thursday, October 9, 2014



There‘s a time designated for all that we do
A time to laugh and a time when we can cry
A time that we need to seek the Lord in prayer
A time for living and eventually when we’ll die

Everything that occurs within our lifetime is
Controlled by the Almighty Lord God above
It’s not for us to question why things happen
Whatever takes place He’s doing it with love

When negative things happen to good people
You may ask why or how can that possibly be
Well at the end of the tunnel is a glowing light
That eventually Almighty God wants you to see

There will be those who catch on more quickly
It’s those who’ve professed Yeshua as Messiah
Unbelievers always struggle looking for answers
To know the Lord needs to be their heart’s desire

Once they see the light and accept Yeshua as Messiah
They’ll see that whatever happens is on His Timetable
It’s not our place to question Why God Does what He Does
When we know this we handle it the best that we are able

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